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                企业名称 2017年海科杯澳洲地面参赛项目
                技术名称 Telematic Solid-State Power Distribution Module for Automotive Systems
                技术情节 Thc automobiles have come long way since its first appearance in thc late 19th century. With rapid increase in processing power of computers, electronics have become more sophisticated which allowed cars to be more cnnrinent, smart and sak with features such as global positioning system, air bags, electronic fuel injection and entertainment system. This allowed semiconductor manufacturers to come up with solid-stale solutions with built-in protection features Io reduce the numher of electrmnechanical parts while providing superior protection against electrical faults. The competition between semiconductor manufacturers eventually saturated the automotive electronics industry and drove the price pcr unit cost down. Howcven thc difficulty of reliable pow'cr distribution to the most primitive part of an automobile, such as ignition, fuel pump, blinkers, headlights, radiator fan and other essentials loads posed a technical difficulty ; being able to switch ofF by itself in case of an emergency. Despite this technical barrier, there is a niche market to be filled especially in automotive enthusiaqt with project cars and race [earns participating in Formula SAE competition.


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