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              1. 澳门永利皇宫分红 > 在线查询


                企业名称 2017年海科杯澳洲地面参赛项目
                技术名称 Visitor Monitoring System(VMS)
                技术情节 The VMS project team has developed a VMS (Visitor Monitoring Systen7) for national parks. Based on the User Requirement Document from National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS), the main objective of this project is to develop a software system which will manage and record visitors visiting national parks. The system will make sure thc visitor has relurned from their trip safely otherwise infonn thc Search and Rescue Teams immediately. The main objective of VMS system is to develop a software system which will manage and record visitors visiting national parks. Thc system will also make sure the visitor has returned from their trip safely otherwise inform the Search and Rescue Teams inunediately. We believe with the Austrillian national park visitors increase each year, the Market Opportunities of VMS system is also getting larger. Thc key owcctivcs of thc VMS \hcrcforc arc 1. To provide a simple and achievable program capable of acconnnodating possible future chmiges both in thc resource levels of client agencies and pr ioritics in visitor management. 2. To maximize ihc quality, clfectiveness, efficiency, integration and consistency of visitor monitoring in lhc national park, primarily amongst the client agencies. Ideally the designed approach should have suppon from the tourism sector 3. To infonn client agency managcls of visi tor usc and satisfaction levels nt specific sites, and across thc range of sites within thc national park with thc aim to improve visitor management actions 4. To provide for a range of data and infonnation to assist wider visitor managcmcnr within thc national park including visitor cxpcclation managcmcnl, marketing and safely communication, visitor demand and opportunities for other visitor experiences and products.,5. To quantify longer-term trends in visitation to support thc future strategic management of visitation to thc region. 6. To provide a basis for training public agency contact staff, commercial operators and private providers in the on-going collection of visitor information


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