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              1. 澳门永利皇宫分红 > 在线查询


                企业名称 2017年海科杯澳洲地面参赛项目
                技术名称 Secure Steganography Cloud Platform (SSCP)
                技术情节 This project, the Secure Steganography Cloud"latlbrm (SSCP), has been conceived f+om both theorencal and practical experimentations in the related research works by"Bio-lnfonnatics with Genetic Steganography Technique"by ChacTko et al (2015) and"Digital Multimedia Archiving based on Optimization Stcganography System"by Chaczko ct al (2014). While much of academic research focus on the multimedia archiving of critical media, our vision is unique in that we have developed the underlying architecture to develop a true secure cloud storage platform, using RSA publiclprivate key encryption, to safely secure key metadata for authorized recipients of the multimedia data. Unlike traditionnl cloud vault storage platfonns, such as icloud, Google Drive and Tencent Cloud Storage, which have fixed security states (global, group share and private), the usc of steganographic technique enables our platform to have hybridized secure states. This means that while fixed security states apply for the actual digital multitnedia files, the embedded metadata contained within thc file itself contains another layer of encryption for authorized recipients. The creator of the source content has sole discretion to share their decryption keys via the platfonn's key registry, thus ensuring full control of the metadata access to share or revoke keys as required.


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